Six Questions to Ask Before Rebuilding Your Website

Six Questions to Ask Before Rebuilding Your Website

You were self-employed and you want to add a few collaborators to your site? Or, has your SME added new services that you want to highlight on your website? There are many reasons why you should redo your website. We propose six questions to ask yourself before rebuilding your website.

1 – Do you have any functionality problems?

Your site is a few years old. You know that there are two or three modules of your WordPress site that are out of date. This prevents your event calendar or registration form from displaying the information correctly.

No matter what the problem is, you are fed up and now you want your website to be 100% functional. You want to stop contacting customers for information that you should already have.

2 – Are your customers complaining about the online experience?

If you redesigned your website in 2014, you may have chosen a standard site. This version did not take into account navigation on smartphones or tablets. Customers often tell you that it’s complicated to navigate your website on a smartphone. Since January 2017, Google favors sites adapted to mobile phones in its algorithm. We must evolve.

You offer a transactional site and people give up their shopping carts because there are eight steps? A redesign will simplify your online sales process. It will most likely increase your conversion rate of your online store.

Maybe your design was effective 2 years ago. You have a lot less leads this year. This may be because your calls to action are highlighted text instead of being clear and obvious buttons. A redesign can put forward an efficient conversion path and give an impact on your SEO.

3 – What do your competitors do?

Copying what your competitors are doing will never be a winning formula. You must identify what they are doing wrong so as not to repeat it. We must also identify the things they do well to do it better. You must aspire to be the one who brings innovation to your sector. It is much easier to lead than to follow the parade of the competitors.

4 – Have your products / services changed?

In 2014, you were the king of concrete landscaping, but in 2017 the trends are for landscaping in river stones. You offer the services but it is not visible on your site. Another example is you are a law firm practicing family law but you have now added corporate law services and you want to highlight the corporate law practice as it generates more revenue?

If your business model is evolving and you want to attract the right people to your website, it is important that your online experience demonstrates that your business can meet the needs of this potential customer.

5 – Did you change your branding?

The classic case is that of the self-employed worker who moves to a company structure with employees. If the entrepreneur chooses to have a logo, a slogan and a brand new image, it’s normal to want to make a change on your website. You want your current customers to understand that your organization is growing and giving a good impression to your potential future customers.

6 – Can you highlight your value?

Rich, unique and quality content is essential to be showcased on the web. This is true when it comes to defining your products and services, but also, at the level of blog posts, you can create and showcase what your organization delivers to its customers.

Maybe your current site has taken into consideration the best SEO practice, but there is nothing wrong with reviewing it to make sure you maximize the benefits of great content.

If your situation corresponds to one or more of these issues that can lead to a redesign, we invite you to consult our section explaining the different benefits for SMEs who want to redo their website.