L’Atelier Web, a Real Presence!

The Human Behind the Company

For several years now, the L`Atelier Web team has been working with self-employed workers and SMEs. Over time, we realized the importance of the human behind the company. We all heavily rely on customer service and human support.

The members of our team have already worked in large agencies that can not promise you the assistance of a single project manager because of the size of their company. Accessibility to a dedicated resource becomes difficult and sometimes call returns are slow! Here you have the impression not to be a priority for this agency. The size of your business does not necessarily match the interests of these large agencies.

L’Atelier Web is an SME !!! We understand what you live. We offer a quick response to our customers and solutions to their problems in a timely manner. We guarantee a response within 24 hours. You are our priority!

We want to offer you a low-cost website, using fast, high quality tools that are run by people who can listen. The secret is not only in the product, it is also in the person behind your site … and this person knows your needs.

The package offered by L’Atelier Web guarantees the full functionality of your site for one year. From taking information to going online, we offer you all the support you need. Our experience has shown us the importance of establishing a relationship of trust with our customers and this trust means having access to a real presence. We rely on authenticity.

In an increasingly fast and unpredictable market, it is essential to be able to rely on a human and professional support that takes the time to listen to you and above all, who understands you.