Scalable WordPress Website

Scalable WordPress Website for the flexibility

Paying for a product that is no longer functional after a while is, quite rightly, frustrating. This is why L’Atelier Web offers the creation of WordPress websites, an easy-to-use management system. We can create and allow you to dynamically update your site.

Flexible why? In a single click, or almost, we can quickly change the look of your site. Better still, you will be able to assign several users to work on the same document. You will have protection against spam and may possibly optimize this protection by adding an extension. A built-in media library lets you manage your images, videos, audio files and more.

Regular updates allow you to benefit from new features and optimize the security of your site. A host of extensions can be added to create contact forms, analysis options and more. It’s flexible and scalable!

With the creation of websites in WordPress, all members of a team will be able to use certain features of the site. Your website is designed to be managed and administered by multiple users, with your permission. Thus, an administrator will have access to all the features of the site while a publisher can publish and manage its pages and those of other users. For its part, the author can publish and manage only his own articles while the contributor can write and manage his articles without the possibility to publish them. As the owner of the site, you have the flexibility to choose “Who does what?”

During the first year, L’Atelier Web, offers you in its package, all the updates for your site. It will therefore be easier for you to plan the budget allocated to web operations. You can always make changes to your site because the management system we use is scalable and flexible. Do not invest in the wrong places! We offer a solution that will meet your short and long-term goals. Build your image on the web by positioning yourself on a good foundation that allows you to update your site at any time. Your site must be able to evolve to the rhythm of your company.

Choosing L’Atelier Web will give you a professional website at an affordable price, allowing great flexibility and a product that evolves over time.