5 Basic Points When Choosing a Web Agency for Your Online Store

5 Basic Points When Choosing a Web Agency for Your Online Store

What are the 5 very basic questions your need to ask before choosing a web agency to produce your online store?

First congratulations on deciding to have a professional undertake your project. To try and do this yourself takes you away from your business and may not be productive for you.

1 – What software will the agency favour?

This is important for many reasons. The most important is that the use should be easy for you and adaptable to your needs. You will be the one doing updates once the web agency has finished. Also, what are the costs such as the monthly software fees and is there a cost per transaction/sale associated with the use of the software. Understand the pros and cons of the software.

2 – Experience of the web agency

It is important to ask for testimonials of the agency you are considering. Ask for access to sites they have developed and visit them. Years of experience is not always a key decision maker here in choosing the agency. Their team and talent pool is a factor in choosing them. Another component is, do you get along with them and your main point of contact.

3 – The agreed deliverables

This is a business agreement, terms need to be spelled out and in writing. Key components of the agreement are the costs. Not just the initial costs for developing the site but also the post site support cost options, the hosting fees and cost of required certificates. Have a clear timeline for when the deliverables are due not just from them but also from you. Your web project needs to be properly managed.

4 – Communication

How will you communicate during the process of your website development. How will you be updated on the process. There should be no surprises if you maintain regular and appropriate contact, let them do their job but stay informed.

5 – Site Capabilities

Insure you are getting a site that is fully up to date and meets the end user device options, such as the responsiveness of the site to smartphones and tablets. How will the site be set up for SEO, how will performance be tracked using such tools as Google Analytics? How will the site be tested before going live?

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