Designed by an SME for SMEs

Designed for SMEs

Today, being and staying in business means that your business stands out quickly! To achieve this, you need to get the greatest possible visibility on the web and display a professional image. Many self-employed workers and small businesses then turn to online businesses that offer prefab shop windows to design their site and, to attract attention, claim that the services offered are completely free. Free? Not really. We detail the important elements in the creation of websites for SMEs that can have an impact for you.

For the most skilled, the design of the site will cause several hours of work to develop each page. The problem? As soon as you think you have fine-tuned your layout and you launch your site on the web, you realize that it is not recognized by search engines and there we offer you an option! You pay or you are not indexed. Free? Not really.

Then, one day you want to leave your web hosting provider and you realize that the material used to create your site remains the property of this provider. Everything has to be done again! L’Atelier Web has created a service that responds adequately to the needs of SMEs and self-employed workers who do not want to be concerned about all these inconveniences and annoyances.

Affordable price / Quick design

The professionals of L’Atelier Web design websites for SMEs. This allows you to use your time to grow your market and do what you do best in the world. In addition, we offer a few hundred templates, which allows us to offer you a final product much faster, while maintaining an irreproachable quality.

To further reduce costs, we have minimized the number of stakeholders who collaborate on your project. We advocate a personalized approach, where the client can easily communicate with the designer without going through a host of intermediaries managed by a heavy administrative process that interferes with deadlines. We are thus able to answer and intervene quickly when a problem occurs. You benefit from peace of mind.

The services we offer have a major influence on business growth. L’Atelier Web allows you to save time and quickly get a website that really belongs to you, while you work to grow your business. We are an SME serving the SMEs. We know your concerns and expectations. Do not waste time! Choose a professional image at a very reasonable cost. Choose L’Atelier Web, a company specializing in the design of websites accessible to all.

Customers are waiting for you

If you do not have a website or your website is obsolete, you lose a huge potential of attracting new customers every day. Our specialty is to help SMEs and self-employed workers fill their order book by providing them quickly and inexpensively, a website that perfectly matches their clientele. You have neither time nor money to lose!