Stay the Owner of your Website with WordPress

A site of your own

If you are in business, it is because your personality meets several specific criteria including that of remaining master of your destiny! So why create a website with a provider that will not allow you to host your pages at a competitor? This is unfortunately what many cheap sites impose on you. L’Atelier Web offers a proprietary website that will belong fully to you.

We use the WordPress platform, a content management system recognized worldwide. Thus, your site is secure and updates can be made easily and quickly. The sites we create allow you to offer your products and services through a secure online store. Our years of experience in the field confirm that we use the best platform, because of its flexibility.

The content management system used allows us to save valuable time so every change we make is done in real time on your own website. This provides a graphical consistency to your site and fully personalizes it. And since the interface we use is very intuitive, we can make content much faster. You are the ones who save the bottom line. In addition, you can optimize your site by installing add-ons to add a multitude of features. Its extensions will allow you to obtain a site that will rival those of the largest companies. You will be able to hold a forum or even publish newsletters. It’s up to you, depending on your needs and your budget.

The self-employed or the SME who looks to the future must use our services to obtain a professional showcase and in his image. Quality, speed and savings in every way! That’s what L’Atelier Web offers you.

As the website remains your property, you have access to the content. Even if you’re not a configuration expert, you’ll be able to easily edit some aspects of your pages or simply add services and new products in just a few clicks.

For a functional site that can reach almost any level of complexity and is formidable by its power, trust professionals who understand you, the team of L’Atelier Web.